160 Watt Explosion Proof UV Fluorescent Light Fixture Released by Larson …
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KEMP, Texas, Jul 02, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 160 watt Class 1 & 2 fluorescent ultraviolet light fixture that is used to cure coatings and adhesives or as a germicidal agent. The EPL-48-4L-UV uses a special ballast and bulb to produce an ultraviolet light.

The EPL-48-4L-UV fixture is a four foot, four lamp explosion proof fluorescent light fixture that emits light in the ultraviolet spectrum. This fixture is a quicker and more efficient alternative to the traditional solvent and water drying thermal curing process. The UV curing process is much quicker than the alternative method and is more abrasion resistant, has no loss of coating thickness, and produces less environmental pollutants. The quick curing UV lights eliminate the chanc…………… continues on MarketWatch

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How Wal-Mart promoted more-efficient light bulbs
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July 2

The big idea: If Wal-Mart met projected sales of compact fluorescent light bulbs to price-conscious shoppers, it would make a significant contribution to nationwide efforts to reduce lighting-related greenhouse gas emissions. Also, its own global sustainability strategy would benefit.

Although more expensive, the bulbs are more efficient than the traditional incandescent ones, which use only 10 percent of their energy for light, with the rest given off as heat. Matt Kistler, senior vice president of sustainability for Wal-Mart, had to contend with long-standing consumer buying habits as Wal-Mart sought to develop and sell greener products.

The scenario: When Kistler helped launch Wal-Mart’s initiative in 2005 in support of the federal EnergyStar program, consumers perceived the bulbs as a poor replacement because of their higher upfront cost and questionable light quality.

However, thanks to efforts with suppliers like GE…………… continues on Washington Post

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