A Dim Light Bulb Policy
News from The Epoch Times:

In this file photo, people ride the DC Metro on Feb. 9. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

This is the story of an inquisitive urban commuter riding the “Metro,” (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)) in Washington, D.C.

In the shadowy corner of a Metro station, a rider embarks from an arriving train and looks around for the exit escalator. He approaches someone who appears to be the Metro station manager. Almost on cue, they both stare upward at two burned out light bulbs. Being in a hurry, the rider’s features tighten and a frown comes on his face; the Metro employee only shrugs.

RIDER — It’s really hard to see in here. When will you replace these bulbs so people can see?
METRO — Our policy is to replace bulbs when outages are reported.
RIDER — Hasn’t anyone reported these?
METRO — Not to my knowledge…
RIDER — Can I do that by reporting the problem to you?
METRO — No, you need to dial 202-962-1234 or go on line www.wmata.com
RIDER — But wouldn’t that mean months…………… continues on The Epoch Times

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