Aerelight is the world’s first OLED light fixture
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So you probably think that LED lighting is the latest thing, but that’s so 2002. The future of lighting is the Organic Light Emitting Diode, or OLED. And the first OLED lighting fixture that you can buy is the Aerelight, cooked up the hallowed walls of Toronto’s Banting and Best Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship by OTI Lumionics.

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OLEDs are made of organic dye molecules sandwiched between two electrodes. Applying an electrical current excites the organic dye molecules, causing them to emit light. It excites me too; this changes the way one can do architectural lighting. It’s not a point source from a semiconductor like a conventional LED, but an even diffuse light from a relatively large area. Imagine wallpapering your ceiling with light emitting sheets of the stuff.

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Royal Philips Says It Is Time To Change The Light Bulb
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Lighting company Royal Philips is introducing Hue, a new connected lighting system that company executives believe “marks a turning point in the history of the light bulb.” This fully connected lighting network allows every single point of light to be precisely controlled in real-time. Color gradients and animated interplays of color can even be created from within the 1,056 illuminated segments that make up the façade. 

And creative agency Iris has developed a new ad campaign to help market Hue. The campaign’s concept charts the evolution of the light bulb from the perspective of a family sitting room. It begins in 1879 – the year the first commercial incandescent light was unveiled – with a family excitedly fitting their first light bulb. Then, furniture, fashions and household gadgets change over the decades, yet the light switch and bulb remain the same. Finally, the room moves to the present day and the father replaces the bulb with a Hue light bulb, showcasing a range of lighting experiences using connected lighting. The ad can be seen here.  

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