Bayside council’s light bulb moment
News from Melbourne Weekly Bayside:

BAYSIDE council expects to save $ 7 million by 2030 by installing new energy efficient street lights.

The council, which spent $ 388,000 on electricity in the 2010–11 financial year, will apply for state government funding to replace old mercury vapour street light bulbs with energy efficient technology.

Glen Eira council also plans to apply for funding this month under the state government’s $ 20 million Green Light Plan.

The program will help fund a street light upgrade to linear fluorescent lights (T5s), which use about 60 per cent less energy than the current lights.

Bayside council’s city strategy director Shiran Wickramasinghe said the funding would help the council roll out the program sooner.

“Installing the T5 lights would achieve annual savings in greenhouse emissions of around 2500 tonnes, which is equivalent to annual emissions from around 625 cars,” she said.

The council estimates that a complete changeover of the municipality’s 8761 street lights would cost $ 2.75 million. It has budgeted $ 500,000 this year to install 25 per cent of the lights.

Glen Eira council spokesman Paul Burke said the new technology would cut greenhouse emissions and reduce electricity consumption. Glen Eira council spent $ 370,000 on electricity in the 2010–11 financial year.

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