Beach Lighting that Helps Nesting Turtles Will Soon Help Consumers
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TBSS International announced  they had purchased the patents, inventory and molds of a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly neon lighting system (Velella Lighting Systems: VLS) that was created initially for the nesting of sea turtles. TBSS is commencing a pilot program along Florida beaches to assess the effectiveness of its recently acquired energy-efficient neon lighting manufactured under the specifications required by the Turtle Conservation Coastal Lighting Regulations.

Sea turtles in Florida and other coastal states nest almost always under the cover of night to protect themselves from predators and overheating. As a result of this survival instinct, beach resorts and beach homes are prohibited from using flood lights, which impede nesting and limit beach activity at night due to safety concerns. The company believes that the market for “turtle compliant” lighting on beachfront properties, including marinas, hotels and residences is huge.

The publicly held company announced on January 24th that their engineers had completed the design phase of new commercial lighting…………… continues on

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