‘Bulb Eater’ helps curb toxic waste
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Each of ITESI’s Bulb Eaters can process as much as 10,000 disposed bulbs per drum —equivalent to about 1 ton of toxic mercury. JM Tuazon

The unassuming appearance of Innovative Technology and Environmental Solutions Inc.’s (ITESI’s) “Bulb Eater” belies the usefulness of the device in helping recycle light bulbs’ toxic innards.

A black metal drum forms a major part of the contraption, on top of which sits a variety of chutes, tubes and containment vessels interconnected with one another.

But once the operator switches it on, the machine whirrs to life. He then inserts a long, household-type fluorescent lamp in one tube and a loud, cracking sound emanates from the drum —the sound of glass breaking into minute pieces, all gobbled up by the machine in just under a second.

The Bulb Eater is a machine meant to break down light bulbs —be it fluorescent or incandescent— into smaller elements.

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The Lightbulb Sparks Debate in the USA
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 5:34 PM
With a January deadline looming on a US law mandating energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs, some political forces don’t want to turn out the lights.

More than a dozen Republican lawmakers are backing efforts to repeal the 2007 law that requires bulbs to consume less energy. Meanwhile Texas has enacted a law that would exempt itself from the federal requirement, and other states are debating similar legislation.

Some consumers have also begun hoarding the old incandescent bulbs based on an erroneous fear that these will be banned starting January 1 and consumers will be forced to buy compact fluorescent or other new types of bulbs.

The US law does not ban incandescent bulbs, but creates new standards for them, basically requiring increased efficiency, so that the bulbs with a lighting equivalent of 100 watts consume just 72 watts.

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