Cambridge company’s bulb brings back warm glow of incandescents
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A Cambridge company says it’s brought some new technology to lights. It looks like that old -fashioned bulb Thomas Edison would recognize. But, says its creators, it is “the first energy-efficient A type light bulb that truly replicates the familiar warm and reassuring glow of the now-banned incandescent bulbs.”

“I like to tell people that their search for the right light is over,” said John Goscha, founder and CEO of the Finally Light Bulb Company. “Until now, consumers basically had a choice between low-quality light, or paying exorbitant prices for brighter light that can’t help but feel cold and clinical”

Goscha worked with a team including Dr. Victor Roberts, the former Head of Lighting Research at General Electric and Dr. Walter Lapatovich, formerly of Osram Sylvania, to successfully harness and miniaturize the best attributes of induction lighting, originally only found in commercial lighting, for home use, according to the company.

The lighting for everyday home use, called Acandescence was developed exclusively by Finally. The company’s banking on consumer desire for traditional color, hue and classic design of an incandescent bulb, combined with energy-efficiency at a price somewhere between the phased-out traditional and ne…………… continues on Enterprise News

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