Cree Aims at LED Lighting Sweet Spot
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High tech inside: Cree’s latest downlight for commercial customer uses six LEDs, versus more than 30 for the older version.
Credit: Cree

When it comes to LED lighting, there’s a very valid question: how many consumers are willing to fork out $ 50 for a light bulb, no matter how efficient and long-lasting it is? But commercial customers might have a different opinion.

Cree today introduced an LED-based spot light which shows that, despite fits and starts among consumers, LED lighting has far better prospects in hotel lobbies, restaurants, offices, and other commercial spaces.

The lamp, called the CR6-800L, is designed to fit into the recessed cans on ceilings and replace incandescent or compact florescent lamps. Cree, which makes both LED light sources and actual lamps, says that improvements in LED performance mean that the spot lights can put out more light than previous versions, or about 800 lumens. An incandescent light with that brightness consumes about 90 watts, while the CR6 consumes 12.5 watts. If it’s used six hours a day, the LED light could last more than 20 years.

What about cost? At less than $ 60, it’s still substantially more expensive than an incandescent equivalent and about the same price…………… continues on Technology Review

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