Cree Connected LED Bulb Review – A promiscuous light
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Chris Davies

If the smart home is to catch on, then its constituent pieces have to start playing together nicely. Cree has been pushing the LED bulb envelope – particularly on price – for some time, and now it’s the turn of the Connected LED Bulb. Not long ago, fifteen dollars for a wireless light bulb was unthinkable; Cree promises not only that, but cross-platform support for home automation hubs compatible with ZigBee. While it’s Home Depot favorite Wink that gets the mention on the Cree box, I was also keen to see how friendly the bulbs would be with smart lighting stalwart Philips hue, not to mention the increasingly popular SmartThings.

Like its regular, non-ZigBee sibling, the Cree Connected Bulb is a 60W replacement. It’s good for 815 lumens of brightness, too, which means it’s brighter than both Philips’ hue lux (750 lumens) and GE’s Link (800 lumens) bulbs; however, it…………… continues on SlashGear

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