Cree Connected LED Bulb
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By Alex Colon

Connected lighting is easily one of the best innovations to come out of the digital home revolution. Problem is, the price point hasn’t exactly become consumer-friendly until very recently. The new Connected LED Bulb from Cree joins the GE Link as one of the first smart bulbs you can outfit your home with, without having to take out a second mortgage. It requires a hub, and doesn’t work well with dimmer switches, but for $ 14.97, the Connected LED offers much of the same functionality as bulbs that cost twice as much. For its balance of price and performance, the Cree Connected LED is one of the best bets for upgrading your home to smart light…………… continues on PC Magazine

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ADATA’s Aura RGB LED bulb is capable of emitting 16 million colors and …
News from LEDs Magazine:

Taipei, Taiwan – ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products and LED lighting products, launches its AURA RGB interior lighting bulb. The AURA RGB bulb displays over 16 million different colors and up to 64 bulbs can be configured via Bluetooth 4.0 Mesh technology using ADATA’s free downloadable app. ADATA’s AURA RGB bulb is a perfect match for homeowners and small business owners seeking to choose from literally millions of colors while being able to adjust warmth and brightness for bulbs spanning a distance of nearly 2000 meters!

Control and Link Up To 64 Bulbs
Use ADATA’s free RGB Bulb app to link your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone with as many as 64 bulbs using Bluetooth Mesh technology. Each ADATA AURA LED bulb contains a powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Mesh wireless transmitter that provides you with full color control over long distances. Connect individual bulbs as far away as 30 meters from each other. Form a network of bulbs linked in a line almost as long as 2000 meters! Easily use your smart phone or tablet to control AURA lights as groups or as individual bulbs in your office, home or small business without needing to buy an expensive bridge or router as needed with other RGB bulb providers.

16 Million Colors to Choose From!
While you can use it to deliver the natural warm glow of sunrise, or the som…………… continues on LEDs Magazine

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