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Question: My husband and I are doing some renovations in our kitchen. One of the main problems we’ve had for years is that the lighting is awful. When I am preparing a meal I can’t see a thing. We have added some new windows, which have certainly helped but on a cloudy day or once the sun goes down I am still struggling to see what I’m doing. Our kids also complain because the large kitchen table, which is where they do most of their homework and projects, is also poorly lit. Any suggestions?

Answer: Lighting in the kitchen comes from two major sources: the windows and, of course, the fixtures. The combo of the fixtures and the natural light will enhance any activity, as long as they are installed appropriately based on the size and layout of your kitchen. They need to be treated as two separate entities. As you said, it doesn’t matter how many windows there are in your kitchen, once the sun goes down or on a dismal day, there’s no natural outside light.

Windows not only add daylight to the room they also add an architectural element. So, when choosing your windows, make sure they go well with the style of your house and the setting. (And try to choose the most energy efficient window you can afford.) Choosing double or triple glazed windows will certainly cut down on heat loss and save you money. Also, glare free glass…………… continues on Wicked Local

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