Development of nonvolatile white light-emitting liquid that is coatable on …
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Fig: (a) Preparation of white light-emitting paste material by mixing solid dyes of green color (Alq3) and orange (rubrene) in a room temperature OPV iquid. (b) White light-emission of characters written with a ballpoint pen (365nm UV irradiation). (c) Large area coating emits white light on area of 5 x 5 cm2 (365nm UV irradiation). (d) 375nm UV-LED light-emitting photograph. (Left) Without coating with white light-emitting paste and (right) with coating.

A Japanese research team headed by Dr. Takashi Nakanishi of the National Institute for Materials Science developed a nonvolatile liquid material which emits white light at room temperature.

Because lighting devices account for about 20% of all electric power consumption, innovative materials and technological improvements are desired in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse effect gases (GHG). In particular, high expectations are placed on organic materials which emit white light as a …………… continues on Phys.Org

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