Dip in mercury pushes up heater sales
News from Times of India:

NEW DELHI: The cold wave sweeping the capital has led to a spurt in the sales of heating appliances. Delhiites are queuing up to buy devices like room heaters and geysers to brave the chill.

At the Kotla Mubarakpur market in south Delhi, stores offer at least four varieties of room heaters. “We have blowers, halogen heaters, s…………… continues on Times of India

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Lights Out!
News from Huffington Post:

With all the eggnog celebrations about the two month extension of the payroll tax cut, few have remembered that a funny thing occurred on the way to passing the gazillion dollar appropriations bill to keep the government open through the fiscal year (yes, that really happened). We will eventually learn about the “non-earmarks” it contains, but one thing was left off: funding to implement a law written by Rep. Fred Upton and me to create U.S. jobs, save billions for consumers and cash-strapped communities, and remove tons of carbon from the atmosphere in the process.

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