Do Your Part: 5 ways to lower your lighting costs
News from Sacramento Bee:

Looking for ways to lower your utility bills? Lowering the amount of energy you use to light your home is one place to start. About 20 percent of your monthly energy usage goes toward illuminating your home, and slashing that bill takes a little more effort than simply turning off the lights. Here are my top five ways to cut your lighting costs so you can Do Your Part and turn on instant savings.

1. Pick the Best Bulb

There are more energy-efficient light bulbs to choose from than ever. Start by migrating to more efficient bulbs as your old ones burn out. Newer bulbs can outlast traditional ones by up to 10 times and can save you up to 75 percent in lighting costs. However, you really need to know which kind of bulb is best for the various fixtures throughout your home. For example, Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) shouldn’t be used in a dimmable or 3-way fixture unless it is specifically designed for that use. Choosing the wrong bulb will drastically shorten its…………… continues on Sacramento Bee
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