Energy efficient LED to light rural homes
News from Hindustan Times:

Electricity deprived rural India is set to get world’s most efficient lighting system — light emitting diode (LED). The government will provide LED lights in place of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in the subsidized solar powered home lighting systems for rural homes. Around

400 million homes in India do not have an electricity connection and the government aims to provide them one by 2017.

In a bid to meet the target, the government will re-launch its most ambitious national programme in January 2013 to provide electricity through decentralized renewable energy sources.
For this, the government has opted for LED home lighting system which is about 80 % more energy efficient than the popular compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

The home lighting system can run two lights and fans and a television and a mobile charger. Now, the solar lanterns to be provided by the government will have LED instead of CFL.
The CFLs is being provided for solar power home lighting systems under the ministry of new and renewable energy’s off-grid solar energy scheme.

But, the ministry has found that the battery discharge is faster and cost of the system is higher because of CFLs.
“We believe that having LED based solar home lighting system will make it more reliable and reduce the high costs of solar panels,” said Gireesh Pradhan, secretary minis…………… continues on Hindustan Times

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LEDs will dominate lighting, expert predicts at Holonyak symposium
News from Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette:

CHAMPAIGN — Energy-conscious consumers who’ve made the switch to fluorescent replacement bulbs may be swapping them out for a more efficient lighting system in a few years.

By 2015, half of all new light fixtures sold in the United States will be based on LED technology, developed by UI scientist Nick Holonyak Jr., says M. George Craford, a fellow at the Phillips Lumileds Lighting Co. And within the next two decades, LEDs will dominate the lighting industry, Craford said Wednesday at a UI symposium.

Scientists from around the world gathered at the I Hotel to pay tribute to Holonyak and his invention of the visible light-emitting diode, or LED, in 1962. The two-day symposium, “LED: 50 Years,” celebrated the contributions Holonyak and others made to developing the LED over the last 50 years.

Craford said the cost of LED fixtures is dropping, quality is improving, and more and more people are starting to use them.

“It is clearly a matter of time,” Craford said.

Governments around the world are speeding up the change by banning incandescent lights, though the United States has been slower to act, he said.

LED lights can last for 10 years, rather than two or less for other types of lighting, he said.

LEDs are now used mostly in replacement bulbs, but prices are still relatively high for homeowners who may not want to pay $ 10…………… continues on Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

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