Explosion Proof Fluorescent Fixture delivers UV output.
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Leader in industrial Lighting Larson Electronics has announced the addition of a powerful fluorescent light fixture designed to produce output in the ultraviolet end of the light spectrum. The EPL-48-2L-UV Explosion Proof Ultraviolet Fluorescent Light is approved for hazardous locations and paint booth use and provides ultraviolet light output that is ideal for curing adhesives and coatings in industrial applications or germicidal control in the food and health related fields.

The EPL-48-2L-UV explosion proof ultraviolet fluorescent light from Larson Electronics provides high output ultraviolet light that is ideal for use during adhesive and coating applications that require UV light to speed the curing process. This fixture is also well suited to suppression of microbes as a germicidal control in the food and health industries. Measuring four feet long and weighing 65 lbs, this ultraviolet fluorescent fixture features aluminum construction, external sealed ballast, and heat and impact resistant Pyrex tubes to protect the fluorescent bulbs. These lights are designed to produce ultraviolet light, commonly known as “black light”, and are available in a variety of wavelength depending upon the operators needs.  Available output wavelengths for this light include Ultraviolet A 400nm – 315nm, Ultraviolet B 315nm – 280nm, and Ultraviolet C 280nm – 100nm which is com…………… continues on ThomasNet Industrial News Room

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Brandon Ford replaces energy-hogging lot lights
News from Tampabay.com:

By Kathryn Moschella, Times Correspondent
Kathryn MoschellaTampa Bay Times In Print: Friday, February 8, 2013

BRANDON — Like most auto dealers, Brandon Ford used to spend thousands of dollars each month on exterior lighting for its 8-acre dealership at U.S. 301 and Adamo Drive.

The utility bill seemed a necessary expense given the goal of selling cars after the sun goes down and the customer’s desire to get an accurate rendering of the car’s color.

So Brandon Ford relied on 20-year-old technology and used inefficient, hot-burning, intense metal halide lights that beamed down from more than 100 poles in its parking lots.

Now, after switching to new, high performance, fluorescent lighting with a long lifespan, the dealership saves thousands of dollars each month in electricity costs, lowers its kilowatt hour energy usage and indirectly removes 352 tons of carbon dioxide pollutants from the atmosphere each year.

Annually, the company expects to save more than $ 55,000 a year, not including additional maintenance savings due to the longevity of the lamps. It expects to recoup its investment in less than two years.

“We’ve had three months of billing to examine the installation and it was worth every penny,” said Donnie Miller, fixed operations…………… continues on Tampabay.com

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