Fourth grade class feeling a little blue
News from Custercountynews:

By Carrie Moore

Casey Trandem’s fourth grade class is a little blue. And it’s all due to the new lights in the room, rather than an emotion or feeling.

While he was working on his master’s degree, Trandem’s fellow students did research projects on classroom environment, with one of the major factors being fluorescent lighting.

“One of the things their research showed was that fluorescent lighting is very harsh and can cause headaches and decreased attention,” he said. “Their research also showed that filtered lighting, specifically blue, increased attention and reduced headaches.”

After doing his own research, Trandem thought it would be a good idea to try them out in his own classroom. He submitted a project and funding request through, a free non-profit website where teachers can receive funding for student resources through donors. Trandem received a $ 230 grant funded through Horace Mann Insurance and, which allowed him to order 15 filters.

“When I first put them up in early November, the kids thought it was great because there was a blue hue in the room,” Trandem said. “I honestly can’t say it I’ve seen a huge difference, but I feel there has been a positive change.”

While Trandem doesn’t know if the students have noticed a change, he admits he has.

“Personally, I’ve had less headaches, whi…………… continues on Custercountynews

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Review: Panda Garden renovates, adds kimchi bar
News from Lincoln Journal Star:

In September, Kisuk and Chong Su Cho closed Panda Garden, the Chinese and Korean restaurant they’ve owned and operated since October 1992, to remodel.


The Chos said it was time for a change.

“And we want to make our customers happy,” said Chong Su, whose smile lights up their restaurant at 233 N. 48th St., located in the strip mall between Super Saver and Target.

Not that their customers weren’t happy before. The eatery, after all, is one of Lincoln’s oldest Chinese restaurants, so they’ve been doing something right.

The Chos, who hail from Taegu, South Korea, reopened a month later, and the changes are significant.

They moved the plant-filled island from the middle of the restaurant to along the south wall and added more tables. They took down the murals on the south wall, repainted the entire restaurant and recarpeted. The front counter is new, and they expanded their kitchen.

Dine-in customers now enjoy Chinese dishes on actual plates — just like the Korean entrees — instead of Styrofoam containers. The Chos also introduced a kimchi bar, so dine-in patrons can pick and choose the sides they want to enjoy with their Korean meals. (I’m partial to the fermented cabbage.)

What hasn’t changed is Panda Garden’s quality. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients and serving ample portions at reaso…………… continues on Lincoln Journal Star

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