Glowing report for lights
News from Central Western Daily:
FEARS and warnings that have been circulating about the dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) are unwarranted, according to experts.

An email that has been widely circulated warns of the dangers of broken CFLs.

It warns of the risk of mercury poisoning, contracting allergies and severe skin conditions, and inhaling poisonous gases if handling or being around broken bulbs.

“These types of bulbs, if broken, cause serious danger,” the email reads.

A number of lighting retailers say residents should not be overly concerned about the circulating warnings.

“Every fluorescent light has got gas inside it, it’s what makes them glow,” Affordable Lighting owner Roumy Ivanova said.

“Now they don’t have nearly as much gas as what they used to have.”

Ms Ivanova said she warns her customers not to handle light bulbs by holding onto the glass due to the risk of them being cut if the bulb breaks, not because of the mercury inside the bulb.

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