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LED roadway bulbs are suitable for lighting up streets for safer driving during the night, increasing security outside of buildings and in parking lots, or sufficiently lighting up construction areas.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 26, 2012

The summer is the season for road construction. This requires well lit construction sites so workers can clearly see while working, and so drivers are aware where construction sites, as well as workers, are. Go Green LED Bulbs provides a variety of roadway bulbs that are ideal for construction sites, as well as for use in many other lighting applications.

There is a growing trend for cities and towns to swap out their street lamps from traditional incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient LED light bulbs. LED roadway light bulbs are becoming the bulb of choice because of their efficiency. They consume far less energy than incandescent bulbs do, therefore significantly cutting electricity costs. LEDs also have longer bulb lives, which lower the maintenance costs of frequently changing burned out bulbs. These bulbs are designed to easily retrofit existing lighting fixtures, another reason they are the more attractive choice. Towns and citie…………… continues on Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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