Graphene-enhanced LED light bulb is cheaper, more efficient, longer lasting
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Chips By Matthew Humphries Apr. 2, 2015 9:30 am

Graphene continues to be held up as a wonder material set to revolutionize many areas of tech in the future. However, even something as game-changing as graphene has to start small, and its first major commercial success looks set to be a light bulb.

In recent years we’ve been moving to ever more efficient lighting. Where as incandescent bulbs used to require 60W to produce a decent amount of light, you can now buy a cheap LED equivalent that requires around 10W and lasts 10x longer. Now, UK company Graphene Lighting PLC has managed to improve upon that by using graphene to enhance an LED light bulb.

What Graphene Lighting has been able to do is create a

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Light bulb bonus offered to Provincetown town meeting attendees
News from Cape Cod Today:

There’s a little extra bonus for Provincetown residents who attend the annual town meeting on April 7: some savings on their electric bill. Provincetown residents who attend the second night of the town meeting at the Provincetown Town Hall may trade in up to 5 incandescent bulbs for energy saving LED bulbs.

The Provincetown annual town meeting and special town meeting—a two-night affair–will be held on Monday, April 6 and Tuesday, April 7. The light bulb swap will take place on the second night, April 7.

The Cape Light Compact will have table set up at the entrance to the Town Hall before the 6 p.m. start of the meeting Tuesday night. Turned in bulbs must be in working order and will be recycled by the Cape Light Compact. 

According to the

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