Homeowners prepare for lighting technology changes
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Photo by John Krejci

Ashley Skarda, owner of Heritage Lighting in Cedarburg, changes the bulb in a 1930′s cylinder buffet lamp from a traditional tungsten to a compact florescent bulb.

Fading to dark?

Homeowners prepare for lighting technology changes

Posted: July 30, 2011 8:00 a.m.

Ashley Skarda already sees the change occurring.

Customers buy a high-end lamp from her store, Heritage Lighting in Cedarburg. Next, they purchase a lifetime supply of incandescent bulbs for the lamp.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are a much more energy-efficient option. Yet they are a non-starter for many lamp collectors, Skarda said. Often the bulbs don’t fit the lamps. Other times they don’t f…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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