How to choose a light bulb
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When you want to create a cozy atmosphere, the Living Lighting Beaches store in Toronto can help you choose the right light bulb for your home.

Don’t know what light bulb to use for your kitchen, bathroom or living room? Living Lighting Beaches has a wide variety of options in terms of brightness, as well as how long you want the bulb to last!

Incandescent light bulbs work well in the bedroom and bath, where softer lighting is more soothing. Choose a three way bulb or use a dimmer switch for greater flexibility.

Halogen bulbs are a popular choice for ambient and task lighting. The brightness of Halogen make for great reading lights, but not in the bedroom.

Instead of turning on every light in the house, only illuminate the rooms that you’re using and for the tasks that you need light for. The key to making your home feel good is to use lights sparingly- so switch on your pen…………… continues on

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