Innovation of the week: The burglar-deterring light bulb
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The Burglar Deterrent, from BeON Home, is designed to be a lighting and home security system in one, said Jon Fingas at Engadget. The smart bulbs learn how you use your lights and then repeat those patterns while you are away, giving the impression of a lived-in home. They’ll even listen for your doorbell and sequence lights to turn on to deter would-be intruders. BeON is crowdfunding the project by offering bundles to be delivered as early as April, starting at $ 199 for a three-pack or $ 395 for a six-pack.

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Elgato Avea smart light bulb review
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The smart home revolution has been slowly building, with companies like Philips getting in on the ground floor with the brilliant, yet expensive, Hue. The competition is heating up now, though, with much more affordable alternatives letting you light up your home from your smartphone on the cheap. The latest is Avea, a standalone light bulb from Elgato.

The 7W E27 LED bulbs we looked at for this review produce a peak white brightness of 430 lumens, which is more than bright enough to light a bedroom with a single bulb, but you may want a couple of bulbs to light a living room. You can dim each bulb, although even at the lowest setting we could comfortably read a book – it would have been better if there were more precise dimming levels, as it would help create more effective mood lighting.

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