Joining the Internet of Things, LG’s New Smart Light Bulb
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When the Internet of Things fully arrives, everything may be able to talk to everything. LG is giving us a taste of that future with a new smart light bulb that can be controlled from a smartphone.

The 10W Smart Lamp works with either an iOS 6+ or Android 4.3+ smartphone, over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. At the moment, LG has only released the Lamp in its home country of South Korea, and no plans have yet been made public about availability elsewhere.

After a user installs the accompanying app on a smartphone, the Smart Lamp can be turned on, off or dimmed with a few screen taps.

Light Bulb as Peripheral

The new light bulb can also act as an alert signal for your smartphone or, one assumes, any connected and compatible device. Thus, even if you have your smartphone on vibrate, the light bulb can be set to blink when a call is coming in.

In alarm clock mode, the light bulb can emulate a small sunrise by gradually glowing to wake you up. And, of course, the light bulb can be set to turn on or off at specific times when you’re away, potentially to foil would-be robbers.

The bulb also loves a good party. In this mode, its light varies according to the rhythm of the music being played back from your connected Android mobile device. At present, this feature is not available for iOS devices.

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