LED and fluorescent lighting manufacturer Espen Technology asigns Flemming …
News from LEDs Magazine:

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Espen Technology, an LED and fluorescent lighting manufacturer for the distribution and OEM markets, has brought a new director corporate accounts on board.

Flemming Jensen has a long track record of success at building new channels, rep networks, sales organizations, and growth strategy. Flemming previously served as national sales manager for Standard Products, the 3rd largest lamp & ballast manufacturer in Canada. He also worked for Havells USA & SLI Lighting as general manager.

Other employers on his resume include: Philips Lighting Company, Osram Corporation, and GTE Sylvania.

“We are very pleased to bring Mr. Jensen on board,” said John Clancy, vice president of sales. “We believe that his experience will greatly benefit Espen and its customers in this period of continued growth. Flemming will strengthen Espen’s leadership position as a manufacturer of LED and fluorescent lighting products.”

About Espen Technology
Espen Technology Inc. is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance energy efficient lighting components, including LED and fluorescent. With operations and facilities across the world, Espen Technology offers competitive products with the highest quality. Head-quartered in Southern California, Espen Technology is able to offer personalized…………… continues on LEDs Magazine

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Glowing Tampons Help Detect Sewage Leaks
News from Wired:

Professor Lerner testing for sewage pollution in a stream in Sheffield, UK, using a conductivity and temperature meter — a more expensive but less effective method than using tampons and UV lighting. University of Sheffield

“You do get people looking at you strangely, but the tampon is not that obvious.”

That’s Professor David Lerner, explaining what it was like to conduct a research project where feminine hygiene products were inserted into streams and sewers around Yorkshire, UK. Why? It turns out tampons are an accurate and cheap way to sample water quality.

Towns and cities usually have two separate sewer systems. A sanitary sewer collects everything you flush or rinse down the drain, and transports it to a sewage facility for treatment. Storm sewers or overflow sewers collect up rain and runoff from roofs, paved roads, and parking lots. They empty that water into natural waterways like streams or rivers.

Storm sewers are not designed to handle untreated waste waters so it’s important to keep what goes into them clean. “Grey water” contamination is a common problem — water from dishwashers, showers, and laundry that ends up in the storm sewer via incompetent plumbing or deliberate dumping.

Before you decide that grey wash water isn’t that bad, as an FYI all sorts of non-lovely things l…………… continues on Wired

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