LED lights, ‘daylight harvesting’ help Camp Atterbury improve energy …
News from The Republic:

EDINBURGH, Ind. — When it comes to improving energy conservation at military bases, Camp Atterbury is ahead of the curve.

Since 2008, Lt. Col. Andrew Fitzgerald, Atterbury’s energy manager, has been charged with finding ways to use less electricity, natural gas, propane and water on the base.

That’s no small task considering Atterbury is the size of a small city and spends roughly $ 5 million a year on utilities, Fitzgerald said.

The Department of Defense, after a presidential executive order, charged bases with finding ways to better monitor and reduce energy consumption.

The Pentagon required bases to install advanced energy meters on at least 15 of its buildings by the end of the year.

Atterbury already has the new meters installed on more than 100 of its structures, months ahead of the deadline, Fitzgerald said.

Once up and running, the new meters will help engineers like Fitzgerald identify the camp’s energy hogs.

With that information in hand, they will take steps to increase efficiency in problem areas.

The system also will allow on-the-fly disconnects and reconnects of buildings that are used sporadically, said Lt. Christopher Eaton, another Atterbury engineer.

Analysis of the meter data will help Atterbury hone its master energy-saving plan.

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Xu Guang Reinvented as LED Lighting Brand
News from The Taiwan Economic News:

Taipei, March 27, 2012 (CENS)–Yeh-Chiang Technology Corp. has reinvented the brand name “Xu Guang” it acquired from the bankrupted Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp Co., Ltd. as an LED lighting brand under subsidiary Taiwan Lighting Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Fluorescent was founded in 1954 as Taiwan’s No.2 lamp maker, after only China Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. Taiwan Lighting’s president, James Lin, stressed that Xu Guang is the company’s quick access to LED-lighting market thanks to the high recognition of the 58-year-old brand name by Taiwanese consumers.

Yeh-Chiang is a provider of thermal-dissipation solutions to information-technology (IT) products. The company opened Taiwan Lighting and supports the subsidiary with its thermal-dissipation technology.

Yeh-Chiang put Lin, a former Philips Lighting China executive in charge of marketing, in the presidency of Taiwan Lighting in Feb. this year. Lin had worked at Philips Lighting for over 10 years and is building Taiwan Lighting into a brand supplier of LED lighting.

Taiwan Lighting has made even division between in-house manufacturing and outsourcing as part of its competition strategy. Based on the plan, the company has depended on Yeh-Chiang for R&Ds of high-power LED products and light sources while staying focused on lighting fixtures and marketing. In mainland China, it has teamed up with NVC Li…………… continues on The Taiwan Economic News

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