LEDs: The Future of Lighting is Here
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So, what does the little indicator light on your cell phone, a street light, an exit sign, and the common household light bulb have in common? If your answer is that light emitting diode (LED) technology can power all these things, then you’re pretty bright.

LEDs are a form of solid state lighting. Once the new kid on the block, LEDs have emerged as one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly growing technologies. There are a wide variety of LED products available in the market, with the technology found in automobiles, computers, televisions, recessed downlights in the kitchen, flashlights, and holiday…………… continues on ECNmag.com

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Report: 1950s lighting technology costing UK industry £1.4bn a year
News from Business Green:

UK industrial and manufacturing firms could save themselves up to £1.4bn a year by switching to new lighting technologies, according to a major new study undertaken by one of the UK’s leading energy efficient lighting firms.

The report from Vita Energia, a start-up that specialises in new light fittings and retrofit projects that promise to slash energy use, is based on on-site surveys of more than 500 companies, each employing over 100 people.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the report makes the case for switching to more energy efficient lighting technologies and configurations. But it also highlights how industrial facilities can cut their lighting energy use by an average of 58.6 per cent by deploying new reflectors on light fittings and switching to lower wattage, higher efficiency lamps.

The report, entitled The Light Bulb Moment, extrapolates that manufacturing and industrial firms across the UK could save £1.4bn a year on their energy spend while saving 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, simply by installing more efficient lighting systems.

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