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You’d be forgiven for thinking that light bulbs are a simple matter of choosing the right wattage and the right fitting. That would be to discount the tampering of techno-idiots in Brussels, who always get such matters wrong. You may recall the buying panic a few years ago when the EU outlawed incandescent bulbs, forcing us to use so-called eco-bulbs. Now they’re learning that eco-bulbs aren’t so eco after all, but the clock cannot be turned back.

While we await further developments with Coelux, and next-generation innovation which provides technology to lighting manufacturers, not end-users, we can take pleasure in necessity being the mother of invention. Lighting manufacturers are as clever as car makers and those who produce refrigerators, toasters and other items that the EU wishes to redefine. As we move further into a world of LED lighting and other types of illumination, two consumer trends have helped to redefine what we put in our lamp fittings: a love of retro tempered by the contrasting lust for home automation, novelty and convenience.

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