Light bulb of the future will be $ 60, but with rebates …
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How much would you pay for an amazing, state-of-the-art light bulb? Shoppers will be asking themselves that very question at Home Depot and other outlets starting Sunday — Earth Day — when the bulb that won a $ 10 million government contest goes on sale.

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European lighting market value to soar by 40%
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The energy shortage raises energy-saving awareness around the world, and with the effort of the major companies, LED lighting once again takes over the spotlight in 2012.

According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, Europe has become one of the most fast-growing LED markets in the world besides Japan.

Benefiting from the ban imposed by certain countries against selling incandescent light bulb of high wattage in 2012, the value of European LED lighting market will soar to US$ 3.01 billion in 2012, a 44% YoY growth; the value is expected to reach US$ 10 billion by 2015, representing a compound annual growth rate of almost 49% from 2011 to 2015.

High Market Value Attributed to Cultural Emphasis on Lighting

According to LEDinside’s “2011-2015 European LED Lighting Market Report,” the population of Europe is estimated to be 830 million, 13%-14% of the earth population. In addition, due to the high prices in the European lighting market, the demand in Europe took up over 20% of the global lighting demand.

Moreover, Europe’s cultural emphasis on lighting aesthetics results in LED lighting’s wide adoption in there. For example, Lyon, a city of France, turns the lighting into the trademark of the city. The French government invests fund every year in public lighting infrastructure and the annual Fête des…………… continues on

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