Light bulb outshines solar and wind on grid
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LEDs beat solar, wind at energy conservation

August 14, 2015

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Beyond the bulb
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By Adam Verwymeren

Published August 07, 2015

Energy-hogging incandescent bulbs currently are on their way out, and increasingly, consumers are turning to LEDs to light their homes. But unlike an incandescent light, an LED doesn’t need to be bulb shaped at all. In the last few years, tech companies have started to show off exciting new form factors for LED lighting. If you’re looking to ditch the tired, traditional light bulb, check out a few of these interesting and innovation new lighting options for around the home.

Philips Hue Go and Light Strip

Philips won a lot of fans several years ago with its color-shifting, smartphone-controlled Hue bulbs. The company has continued to push the boundaries with its latest entry, the Philips Hue Go. Much like other Hue lighting options, the Go can be set to any color you want, and can be controlled with the Hue app. Howev…………… continues on Fox News

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