Lighting the way to efficiency
News from The Boston Globe:

The days of inefficient light bulbs are slowly coming to an end. Recent tests from Consumer Reports showcased more than 30 different compact fluorescents and light-emitting diodes that can brighten indoor and outdoor spaces.

Consumer Reports’ comprehensive report on CFL and LED bulbs revealed that many problems of the earlier versions have been overcome and these new efficient bulbs last longer and use far less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Shoppers now have a variety of different bulbs to match their needs.

The label , patterned on food nutrition labels, lists the bulb’s lumens, or brightness; its estimated yearly energy cost; how long the bulb is expected to last; its appearance, from warm to cool; how much energy it uses; and whether the bulb contains mercury.

Consumer Reports put a spotlight on 60-watt equivalent CFLs and LEDs, as those are the most popular…………… continues on The Boston Globe

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Tom Konrad CFA

One irony of green investing is that doing good (for the planet) does not always do well for investors.  Recently the rewards for do-gooders have been abysmal.  For years, I’ve been warning that the rapid price reductions we need to make solar mainstream are unlikely to be good for the profits of solar companies. 

This year a combination of subsidy cuts in Europe and photovoltaic (PV) module oversupply brought those price reductions home to roost.  Recently, PV manufactures have been scaling back expansion plans, which should help reign in module su…………… continues on Alternative Energy Stocks

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