Lighting Up Dark Rooms in Slums With Plastic Water Bottles
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Until October 31, New Vision will devote space to highlighting the plight of slum dwellers as well as profiling those offering selfless service to improve conditions in these areas.

Today, Andrew Masinde brings you the story of how Uganda Human Settlement has improved the housing conditions in Busega Central, Kifumbira and Nabisasilo zones in Rubaga Division

“All flooding in Busega starts from Chairman Ssalongo Kyambadde’s zone.” The biggest drainage channels in Nateete start here. Given that the zone is located in a low lying area, whenever it rains; flood water carries waste from higher grounds and deposits it in the blocked drainage channels. To make matters worse, waste from latrines constructed on raised ground is also washed into the drainage channels,” laments Kyambadde, the Busega Central Zone chairman.

Alarmed by the filth in the slum, Kyambadde opted to mobilise residents to clean the drainage channel, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Fortunately Uganda Human Settlements Network (SSA/UHSNET), a local NGO, came to his rescue.

The body asked him to mobilise residents to clean up the area, but he was sceptical about the campaign, given his experience. Fortunately, residents heeded SSA/UHSNET’s call and cleaned up the area.

After the clean-up exercise, division authorities embarked on impromptu checks in all the homes every week…………… continues on

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