Lights back on at North Meck High
News from Charlotte Observer:

More than two weeks after his daughter was accosted in a dark outside corridor, a frustrated father has gotten the lights turned on at North Mecklenburg High.

It required nagging a school board member and a top Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools official, who had to sort out the responsibilities of CMS and Duke Energy. They focused on replacing light bulbs, only to learn the real problem lay with a transformer that was being repaired Friday.

“It seems like it’s actually going to be fixed now. It’s just frustrating,” David Dworak said Friday, after sending an email headed “How many CMS employees does it take to change a light bulb?”

It sounds like a setup for a joke, he wrote, but the situation wasn’t funny: On Jan. 10, Dworak’s daughter, a North Meck sophomore, was pushed against a wall by a male student who grabbed her face, he said. She escaped and ran, crying, to the office. Neither she nor the school cameras could identify the assailant because the lights were out in the passageway and the incident happened before daybreak.

Dworak said the school’s police officer told him the school was trying to get more than 50 light bulbs replaced on the sprawling Huntersville campus.

The next day, Dworak contacted Rhonda Lennon, who represents that area on the school board. She got in touch with Associate Superintend…………… continues on Charlotte Observer

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