Lights, Wireless Networks Included
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Daintree Networks open-sources its networked lighting hardware, names chipset partners. 

Someday, every lighting fixture, LED driver and fluorescent ballast will come with a ZigBee-interoperable radio inside it, if Daintree Networks has its way.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based networked lighting startup announced Tuesday that it’s open-sourcing its firmware designs, with the goal of getting LED driver and ballast manufacturers to embed its wireless controls in their off-the-shelf equipment. While the company didn’t name any partners in that effort, Jason Choong, vice president of product management, said in an interview that it includes major lighting suppliers in North America, as well as in Asia.

Daintree, which has a pretty impressive list of partners, including Philips and Sylvania Lighting Services, also announced two new partners on Tuesday: California Eastern Labs (CEL) and Silicon Labs, the company that bought ZigBee chipset maker Ember earlier this year.

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The IPv6-Addressable Light Bulb Goes on Sale
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GreenWave Reality and NXP launch 6LowPAN mesh-networked LED bulbs and home energy control platform.

What can you do with an LED light bulb that has its own internet address? And how much would you pay for it?

Those are some of the questions that GreenWave Reality and NXP Semiconductor are asking the $ 100 billion lighting market. On Monday, the two launched a new line of Wi-Fi-networked LED light bulbs, along with the Connected Lighting Solutions platform to run them.

GreenWave, a startup founded by ex-Cisco execs, has already started shipping the bulbs to European utility customers, including Seas-NVE in Denmark, Nuon in the Netherlands, and Fortum in Sweden. The new bulbs are also certified for sale in the United States, where a basic kit, containing a gateway device and four bulbs, along with a handheld remote, will cost about $ 200, GreenWave CEO Greg Memo said in a phone interview.

Individual bulbs run in the $ 20 to $ 30 range, Memo said — a reasonable price, compared to the Energy Star-rated, fully dimmable LEDs that might be seen as competition on the market. In Europe, on the other hand, utilities have already been supplying NXP networking-embedded LEDs to key custo…………… continues on Greentech Media

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