Linear to bring LED light bulbs into the Z-Wave ecosystem
News from TechHive:

So you already have a Z-Wave controller and Z-Wave plug-in modules for your floor and table lamps. You’d love to be able to control your ceiling lights and wall sconces, but those are controlled by dimmers and switches in your walls. You could replace those with Z-Wave models, but you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of handling bare electrical wires, and you can’t find a licensed electrician willing to do small jobs. Linear LLC has announced what sounds like a great solution for electrophobic smart-home junkies: The Z-Wave dimmable LED light bulb.

Instead of replacing the switch to control your lighting, you simply replace your old-school incandescent bulb with one of Linear’s energy-efficient LED models. The bulbs have the same Edison-type screw-in bases, but they have embedded Z-Wave chips and can be managed by your existing Z-Wave controller. The light bulbs also function as range extenders (Z-Wave device operate on a mesh network, so each Z-wave node you deploy extends the range of the network).

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An expensive light bulb, or a cheap home security system?
News from Boston Globe:

A high-tech twist is transforming one of the oldest home security systems into the newest.

The light bulb — an age-old deterrent to burglars — has been geeked out by a Cambridge startup called BeON Home to learn your lighting habits and replicate them when you’re away, creating the illusion of an occupied home.

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If your routine is to light the kitchen at dinner, the living room in prime time, and the bedside for evening reading, BeON bulbs can mimic that sequence automatically.

“It’s like a DVR for your lighting, and it plays back when you’re gone,” said BeON chief executive Alexei Erchak, whose company hopes to raise $ 100,000 for manufacturing by taking preorders on the

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