Low bidder objects to CISD’s choice to replace lights
News from Your Houston News:

Conroe ISD plans to spend $ 4.3 million to replace about 17,500 aging T-12 fluorescent light fixtures with LED light fixtures in various campuses across the district.

Funds for the project are provided in the general fund with the end result yielding a significant energy savings, decreased life cycle costs and user adjustable lighting controls, according to Easy Foster, CISD director of planning and construction.

However, Taylor Kapp, CEO and co-founder of K&LFA, said that Conroe ISD purposely chose a more expensive product that is less efficient, when a superior product can be installed.

Kapp, an independent sales representative for Orion Energy Systems, Inc., which submitted a lesser bid of $ 2,872,895 and was turned down, addressed the board of trustees at the June regular board meeting about the LED Lighting Retrofit project.

Pinnacle/Inline also submitted a bid of $ 4.1 million.

Kapp believes the CISD board of trustees was “grossly misinformed.”

“I am here to ensure for public record it is my opinion a minimum of $ 619,410.70 may be spent unnecessarily in reference to the LED lighting retrofit and an extra spent on utilities of over $ 26,000 annually assuming utility rates stay the same and do not rise over the next 10 years,” Kapp said.

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When Allied Video Productions’ owners purchased a building in 2010 for their offices and production space, they approached renovation much like they would a new video production: with an eye toward the future performance.

“We were doing a major renovation,” said Scott Hossner, Allied Video Productions co-owner and senior producer. “It only made sense to us to keep energy consumption and green practices in mind so we would have as energy efficient a building as possible.”

Their work paid off. The Salem business earned its EarthWISE certification in 2011 and won the Sustainable Small Business of the Year Green Award in 2012.

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