Majority of Americans still in the dark about incandescent light bulb phase-out
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Ban on some incandescent light bulbs starts Jan. 1
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AYR — Take your burned-out, compact fluorescent bulbs to local hazardous waste collection sites and it will likely end up at a big waste recycling complex along Highway 401 north of Ayr.

It’s at Aevitas on Wanless Court where the traces of toxic mercury that fluorescent lights contain are safely removed and recycled.

New national rules come into force Jan. 1 to encourage wider use of the little energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. Many people, however, don’t realize the environmental danger if fluorescents of any kind are thrown in the trash, said Aevitas president Tom Maxwell.

“I still on garbage day see fluorescent tubes sticking out of the bags. I stop and pick them out,” Maxwell said.

New federal rules ban most of the old-style, inefficient incandescent bulbs. The goal is to encourage the purchase of efficient lighting instead, like compact fluorescents. But there’s no requirement to safely dispose of the compact fluorescent bulbs, so mercury doesn’t end up in landfills and accumulate there. Nor…………… continues on Waterloo Record

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