Marquee makeover: Michigan Theater upgraded with LED bulbs
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On Thursday, August 28, the Michigan Theater’s iconic marquee got an energy-saving makeover of sorts, by way of workers from Ann Arbor’s Park Avenue Lighting changing out the sign’s nearly 1,500 bulbs and replacing them with long-lasting, light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

LED bulbs emit light in a specific direction, and thus use light and energy more efficiently than incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which emit light and heat in all directions.

This comprehensive bulb change is happening nearly one year after a solar panel array was installed on the roof of the Michigan Theater for the purposes of using solar power to light up the marquee.

A press release contains more details.

The change has been a long time in the making, according to (Michigan Theater) Executive Director Russ Collins. “We’ve been considering this for a decade, but were waiting for the technology to improve and costs to go down,” Collins explains. “The return on investment is practical now – instead of lasting only six months, these bulbs will last six years.”

Another benefit: due to lower costs and higher energy efficiency, the theater will be able to keep its marquee…………… continues on

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Designing parents raid the dorm
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So much stuff, so little style. The dream dorm room was just not happening.

Five years ago, Karen and Amanda Zuckerman hit the malls and big-box stores to decorate Amanda’s freshman dorm at Washington University in St. Louis. The offerings were . . . well, underwhelming.

“She wanted something special,” Karen Zuckerman says. “She wanted a home away from home that reflected her style.” The mother and daughter cobbled together a cute-enough room, then did what any creative, enterprising family would do: They founded Dormify, an online dorm design business based in Rockville, Md.

College students will spend $ 48 billion this year (an average of $ 916 per person) on furniture, electronics, bedding and other supplies, according to the National Retail Federation. Then there are the families who take it to the next level: hiring a professional decorator to transform the typical college cell into a cozy retreat.

“Designers are doing individual rooms and calling us for products,” Zuckerman says. “It’s becoming a really big deal.”

The average dorm room — even at some of the most elite colleges and universities — is not only tiny, but also ugly: white paint, s…………… continues on Mcalester News Capital

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