Ministry studies feasibility of LED light bulb subsidies
News from Taipei Times:

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is studying the feasibility of subsidizing households which replace fluorescent lighting and incandescent lights with energy-efficient and higher-priced LED light bulbs, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Francis Liang (粱國新) told reporters yesterday.

Liang made the remark on the sidelines of an investment forum in Taipei, after local media reported earlier yesterday that the ministry is planning to spend about NT$ 1 billion (US$ 34 million) on a new green energy subsidy program, citing Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-shiang (施顏祥).

Liang did not elaborate on the details of the subsidy program.

On Thursday, Shih said that the ministry is planning the subsidy program in a bid to encourage consumers to buy LED bulbs.

The ministry is expected to release details about the subsidy program within two weeks, including subsidizing consumers by offering half the cost of each LED bulb purchase, Chinese-language Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister paper) quoted Shih as saying.

In retail stores, LED bulbs cost around NT$ 400 to NT$ 500 each, much more than other energy-saving light bulbs. With the ministry’s subsidy, consumers would pay half as much for LED bulbs.

“The subsidy program should accelerate the growth of LED lighting in the residential market, which has a low single-digit penetration rate now…………… continues on Taipei Times

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As you might have guessed, the liquid-filled light bulb you see above is quite different from the average lamp. Made by Switch Lighting, they are filled with liquid silicone, have a clever compensation piston inside that deals with internal pressure, and the LQD cooling system is able to handle a serious about of heat, enough to produce 1600 lumens (that’s 100W equivalent) from up to 12 LEDs.

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