New light bulbs mean energy savings, safety precautions
News from WLOX:

Many people are already making the switch to new, more energy efficient light bulbs. But soon, you won’t have a choice.

Come January of 2012, the incandescent light bulbs that you’ve been using for decades will start disappearing from store shelves. The future looks dim for those traditional light bulbs. Under federal law, the incandescent bulbs are being phased out.

“As of January 2012, manufacturers can no longer produce this bulb in the U.S., or we can no longer import this bulb into the U.S.” said Melvin Wilson, Mississippi Power Director of Sales and Efficiency Planning.

The bulbs are being replaced by Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, or CFLs. You know them by their swirly design.

“The idea is they’re going to last longer and they’re more efficient, so they’ll cost less to use over time,” said Wilson. 

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