New markets offer opportunities
News from Herald Times Reporter:

MANITOWOC — Holding up his iPhone, Neal Verfuerth declared Wednesday, “I can control all the lights throughout our Orion Technology Center.”

After board members were elected and executive officer compensation set, the founder and CEO of the power technology management told attendees at the company’s annual meeting why he’s bullish on Orion’s future.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Orion’s share value is going to increase dramatically anytime soon. After opening at nearly $ 20 in December 2007, the stock has hovered in the general range of $ 2.50 to $ 5 per share since mid-2008.

Shares currently are selling for around $ 3.

Verfuerth said he owns more shares than anybody and is the one most motivated to see a sustained surge in share price.

He’s confident it will eventually happen because of several factors including wise investments in new technology.

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