Philips Launches Cheaper Hue Smart Light Bulb Kit
News from TechCrunch:

The Philips Hue product line is great, but it’s also very expensive with some starter kits costing $ 200. If you really want to be able to control multiple light bulbs at a time, Philips has something new for you — a $ 40 wireless dimming kit. In order to bring the price down, Philips had to remove a bunch of features, starting with the ability to control your lights from your phone.

Here’s how it works: The new dimming kit comes with one light bulb and a new wireless switch. This switch couldn’t be simpler. It has two big on and off buttons, and two buttons to adjust the brightness of your lightbulbs. It comes with a battery, and you can just stick to your wall without having to wire it or replace your existing switch. It’s a great way to try smart light bulbs if you are just renting your apartment.

But this switch only makes sense if you use it with multiple lights, letting you control all the lights in your room from one switch. So you’ll actually have to spend $ 20 for each extra Hue Lux light bulb.

Finally, the new wireless switch doesn’t come with the Hue bridge, meaning that you can use it without having to plug a tiny bridge to your router. But there are a few downsides. It means that the switch only communicates with you…………… continues on TechCrunch

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Had Your Fil(ament)?: The Edison Bulb’s Trip From Niche to Mainstream
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A selection of different vintage lightbulb designs offered by Aamsco. Clockwise from top left: the Art Deco Style, the F1900, the F1920Q, the Squirrel Cage, the Decora and the Tesla Commemorative.

Ask Ingo Maurer what he sees when staring at a simple light bulb, and he’ll go beyond wattage pretty quickly. “You can see the flame, the soul inside,” says the German artist, who since the mid ’60s, has been experimenting with the artistic possibilities of illumination (his signature piece is a bare bulb with two wings attached). He sees not just light, but what he’s termed the “poetry of the bulb”; used by cartoonists to symbolize when a character has an idea, it’s “in everybody’s heart.”

“Low-energy light bulbs, the ones with the spirals, are just white things, giving off very indifferent light,” he told The New York Times in 2007. “They’re boring. People don’t realize what they do to our wellbeing. Of course we should save energy, but not by ruining our lives.”

While Maurer’s idea of a better bulb is a little high concept for most people, his yearning for something better is commonplace. Even though lighting is an inescapable and elemental part of interior design, for much of the past 50 years, it’s been…………… continues on Curbed National
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