Pick the right light for the right job
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What is your lighting IQ?

Knowing what lighting is adequate for your home and that lighting can account for approximately 11 percent of a household’s electrical use is valuable.

Good lighting is necessary for comfort, safety and health. Not only is the illumination level important, so is its energy efficiency.

There is a lot of discussion about which type of light bulbs are best. Adding fluorescent lighting is one way to replace incandescent lighting that isn’t very energy efficient. Incandescent light is produced when the wire or filament inside the bulb is heated by the electrical current. Fluorescent light is produced when electricity reacts with a small amount of mercury, creating ultraviolet energy.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same light level. Although they are more expensive to purchase, they will last longer if used correctly, saving you money in the long run.

When switching out light bulbs it is  important to purchase the correct wattage. Compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) wattage is very different than the wattage of incandescent bulbs. Be sure to select the right bulb for its use. Dimmer switches, ceiling fans, 3-way switches and recessed lights all require special CFL bulbs.

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New lights at Unified schools help students’ reading, mood
News from Journal Times:

RACINE — Second-graders filed into Fratt Elementary School’s gym Thursday, their eyes glued to the ceiling.

“Ms. Carey, it’s brighter,” a little boy told physical education teacher Pam Carey.

“There’s new lights,” a little girl added, looking at Carey.

The students were right. In Carey’s gym, old metal ceiling lamps — which took time to warm up and even then were still dim — got replaced Tuesday with brighter, automatic T8 fluorescent lamps.

Such lighting swaps are happening in gyms, classrooms and other areas around Racine Unified schools as part of a $ 33.8 million project to make Unified buildings more energy efficient.

The new lights accomplish that efficiency by using less energy, which should save money, but there’s more to them than that. The new T8 fluorescents also produce a brighter, more natural light that helps kids see better, read better and find school more inviting and cheerful, said Jim Johnson, executive project manager for Trane, the company that’s been handling Unified’s lighting changes.

“The light that they put off is a much more balanced spectrum of light and it is almost identical to walking outside on a beautiful day. It’s more like natural light,” said Johnson, contrasting that with the old, dim gym lights and with the T12 fluorescent lights used in many Unified classrooms before. The T12s produce less…………… continues on Journal Times

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