PowerSecure (POWR) Introduces LED Lighting To Replace Fluorescent Tubes
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01:37:13 pm on November 28, 2011

PowerSecure (POWR) has introduced its new SuperTube LED lighting fixtures which are designed to replace overhead fluorescent tubes in commercial applications, increasing energy efficiency and cutting costs. The UL certified lighting solution is available and has already been installed for a customer.  They are specifically designed for indoor T8 and T12 retrofit applications and offer 75% greater efficiency over traditional lighting.  Another benefit is that they reduce maintenance costs due to a long lifespan of 10 years


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Lighting more for less
News from Republican Eagle:

As boxes of decorations get pulled from storage this month, tangled strands of Christmas lights are likely to be mixed in.

Whether multicolored or white, dark wires or light, the mash-up of the illuminated decorations never seems to have any consistency. Some may be incandescent, while others are fluorescent. And some strands may be just a year old, while others are on their last leg — with a single burned-out bulb ruining it for the whole bunch.

Out with the old …

When they no longer glow, those holiday lights don’t serve much of a purpose to the average family, so keeping them around is only going to increase the size of the jumbled ball that gets picked through each Christmas.

The Recycling Association of Minnesota provides an easy solution to getting rid of the unwanted strings. Through the Recycle Your Holidays program, people can bring unwanted light strands to any participating location through the end of January.

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