Pro photographers offer tips on staging holiday photos the family won’t cringe at
News from Albany Times Union:

Why do we torture ourselves with the excruciating task of taking family holiday photos? Because we want to preserve memories for generations to come and root the future branches of our family tree in a sense of history. Or, maybe we just want to be able to look back in 10 years and laugh at how dysfunctional we are. Does Lisa really think picking up her chin like that keeps her from having a turkey neck? Couldn’t Caleb have put down his phone for one stinking minute? How about texting something to 518-I-CARE-ABOUT-MY-MOTHER’S-FEELINGS?

And if we’re having a particularly bad year, we gaze over that sea of coordinated Christmas sweaters and submit the shot to

But these photos don’t have to feel like a tooth extraction. Professional Capital Region photographers Jeff Foley, of Jeff Foley Photography, and

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