Ready to Address the Hangover
News from New York Times:

AFTER a night of hard partying in Manhattan to celebrate his impending fatherhood, Alex Fleyshmakher woke up the next day with a roaring hangover.

It was so bad, he said, that he ran to a family friend, Dr. Leonard Grossman, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who administered a mix of vitamins, minerals and protein through an IV line. (Dr. Grossman said a more accurate description was that Mr. Fleyshmakher “dragged himself” in.)

But “after I recovered,” said Mr. Fleyshmakher, 26, who is an owner of four cellphone stores in Brooklyn, “a light bulb went off in my head.” And in short order, he and Dr. Grossman came up with the Bytox Hangover Prevention Remedy patch, which recently began appearing in stores in time for New Year’s Eve parties.

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