Retailers avoid ban on traditional light bulbs
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At least two British manufacturers are now mass-producing so-called “rough-service” incandescent bulbs, which are available in bayonet and screw fittings and look almost identical to – and work in exactly the same way as – the bulbs that will be outlawed.

Manufacturers are allowed to make and sell the incandescent bulbs if they are described on the packing as “rough-service lamps” that are not for domestic use.

These bulbs are usually specially toughened to withstand the knocks and vibrations of industrial settings, such as building sites and factories, and manufacturers can be asked to prove they are tougher than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

Although the bulbs are not being sold by major supermarkets – most of which have voluntarily stopped selling all incandescent bulbs – they will continue to be available from specialist lighting and hardware shops, as well as online retailers, for around £1 – not far from the cost of the normal bulbs that are to be phased out and around half the price of the cheapest energy saving alternatives.

From Saturday retailers will not be allowed to buy any more incandescent bulbs covered by the ban, although they will be able to sell any existing stock.

Experts said the firms producing “rough-service” incandescent bulbs were responding to demands from customers who have resisted the move away from traditi…………… continues on

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