Safety lighting: 21-watt explosion proof LED temporary manhole mount light fixture
News from Utility Products:

Safety products: Larson Electronics releases a 21-watt temporary manhole mount LED light fixture that provides operators with a powerful and highly convenient alternative to traditional string or tank lights. LED technology, an innovative 21-in. man-way support bracket and compact design makes this lamp an excellent lighting solution for operators working within storage tanks, railcars, and other locations where entry is through a 21-in. man-hole opening.

This Class 1 Division 1&2 Class 2 Division 1&2 explosion proof light fixture provides 1,750 lumens of high quality light while drawing only 21 watts. This 7.25-inch diameter LED light is attached to a 21-inch supporting plate, which allows the light fixture to hang inside the tank or railcar while the supporting plate rests on the lip of a man-way opening. This mounting system provides an extremely versatile lighting solution for those working in confined spaces such as rail cars, storage tanks, ship tanks, and the like where entry is through a 21-in. man-way opening.

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