Savvy Consumer: Another step in demise of incandescent light bulb
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Choosing bulbs

Know your lumens. Watts tell energy use, while lumens measure brightness. Look for at least 450 lumens when replacing a 40-watt bulb, 800 lumens or more for a 60-watt bulb, 1,100 lumens for a 75-watt bulb and 1,600 lumens or higher when replacing a 100-watt bulb. For floodlights, look for a lumen count at least 10 times the wattage of the current bulb.

Look for brightness, not color. Kelvins measure the whiteness, yellowness or blueness of light. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm, yellowish light with a color temperature of about 2,700K. Halogen bulbs give off a cool, bright white light at 3,000K to 4,100K. Natural light or daylight is mimicked by 5,000K to 6,500K bulbs, but can have a bluer tone that may be unflattering indoors. Use kelvins to get the right color light because terms on the box like “soft white” and “warm white” mean different things among manufacturers.

Check out CRI. The Color Rendering Index shows how accurately colors appear under the light and ranges from 0 to 100, with daytime sunlight at 100. Most of the bulbs are in the low 80s, with a few in the upper 80s and low 90s. A CRI of at least 80 is generally recommended for interior lights. Diff…………… continues on Fort Worth Star Telegram

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