SC churches embrace savings through energy
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Published: 2014-08-16 00:01:00
Updated: 2014-08-16 00:01:00

— From his desktop computer, Denny Newman can monitor the temperature settings of offices inside the South Carolina Baptist Convention, raising and lowering the thermostat as needed.

When it’s time to change a compressor in one of the convention’s six rooftop HVAC units, Newman, the convention’s facilities manager, can climb up to the roof and carry out the malfunctioning compressor in a hand cart, thanks to the installation of smaller, more energy-efficient units. That’s a vast change from the days when a crane had to lift out the 300-400-pound part.

Most recently, the convention has taken the lead in reducing its power use outside its headquarters off of Interstate 126 and Greystone Boulevard by converting all its outside fixtures to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Newman said the convention’s energy conservation measures — which include placing sensors on lighting fixtures in bathrooms, copier areas and other areas where people might step in and out briefly — were aimed at reducing the convention’s energy footprint.

The measures also could lead to an estimated annual savings of about $ 3,700, Newman said.

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